Friday, February 18, 2011

Perfect Power Food in three letters


I drive past about one PHO per mile on my commute.  I don't remember ever stopping on my way home, even thought I have been tempted.  I just know that I can't hid a meal of PHO from my wife.  I'm just not that good of slurper.

We also don't go out for PHO too much because I see it as a potential tipping point for my kids, literally.  I can see hot steaming bowls of noodlely beefy goodness being tipped over and not only being wasted but scalding all four of us in the process.

My wife and I were able to go on a quick dinner date last night.  We went for PHO.  It was amazing.

Now to make it triathlon related....

I believe PHO is a power/recovery/make you powerful food.

It has carbs, protein, a bunch of salt, and looks like an acronym.  What more could you want from a power food.

Sure, you can't easily put it in a bottle or bento box but pre/post race...perfect.

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