Friday, February 4, 2011

Which is more attractive?

I apologize to those who are expecting me to model free triathlon clothing.  Two reasons, first I'm still not sponsored (Maybe too picky?) second, I don't want to loose either of my readers.

I drove yesterday to the a new facility my non-profit is building in Goldendale Washington.  The drive was interstate most of the way there but we drove a backway home which winds down into Lyle Washington. 

I've driven that road dozens of times now and every time, I want to ride up it on my bike.  Sure, I will ride down it too but the draw is to ride up.

At what point in a triathlete's life does riding up a hill seem more attractive than going down?  I just want to conquer that crazy hill. 

I'm working getting it on my calendar and will post once I do it. Maybe at that point I can tell you which is more attractive when biking - going up or down.

Which direction seems more attractive to you when you see an epic hilly road?

1 comment:

  1. Going up for sure. There's nothing like conquering a crazy climb. I love to go fast downhill, but it doesn't seem like an accomplishment.

    There's a huge hill in the Palos Verdes, CA area that I've been meaning to climb. A friend of mine did it on a BMX bike awhile back, which is quite an accomplishment.