Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm so hungry

I staggered to the break room (We have a company policy that says we can't eat at our desks.  I should change that because I can but that is a different post)...with a small bag of trail mix yesterday and by the time I had walked the twenty feet, I already was eating.  Eating really doesn't describe what I was doing.  For some reason, I had decided that I didn't want to get the trail mix crumbs on my hands (sweat and salty mix from Winco bulk section) that I had opened the bag and was eating directly from the bag. 

At this point I had crumbs all over my face and I think I had some sort of peanut membrane in my hair.  I didn't stop, I just went in for another repulsive feeding frenzy. 

At this point, I looked around the small room to make sure I was alone in my eating frenzy...thankfully no one had to see that low point in my day.

I am so hungry after morning swim and 10K lunch runs.  I am eating a good breakfast and lunch but wow, the three o-clock hunger really is going to drive me nuts and ruin my standing in the office.

Any advice or easier ways to mainline trail mix?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Could train less and still have a great IM experience?

I've read several stories recently about people who either did a full IM on a bet signed up for a full because they enjoyed their first HIM so much that they did a full on two weeks rest. 

What I don't like about these stories is that it makes me think two things.
1.  The amount of training I'm doing and will do over the next 40 weeks isn't necessary to pull off an decent IM.
2.  I'm not a "natural" triathlete in that I know from experience that I need to train or my race doesn't go well.

I want to run a great IM race as well as keep balance in my home and work.  In the balancing problem that I have, training takes away from family and work time but also in some weird ways, it gives back to them. 

I'm fine with compromises and I don't need to train like a pro, but I also don't believe going into this half-heartedly.

So to answer my question, Yes, I could train less and have a great IM experience, but not the experience I want.   I want more than simply suffering for 15-17 hours, I want the process of planing and giving it my best shot. 

So I will train as other sleep.  I will play with my kids when other train, and I will stick to my plan as best I can so I have the experience that is best for me.

How do you deal with this same issue?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feeling Tired

My girls are sick (wife included) and no one seems to be sleeping well.  It seems like the alarm goes off (5:05 AM) just as I finally get to sleep. 

Now that I have my whining out of the way.

It seems so easy to skip a day but I find days that I skip my swim or my lunch run seem to drag on for ever.  I tried to manipulate my office today so that I could not only have my long delayed office birthday lunch outing but it could be fast enough that I could go run before the bad weather settles in.  I invited a former employee who notoriously loves Taco Bell and just turned 80.  I thought for sure he would pick the speedy and affordable TB.  However, for some reason I can't explain, he chose Olive Garden.  Nothing wrong with the food but it took forever, I ate too much and now my day is dragging by.

Maybe next year's birthday could involve the Hot Dog stand along the Columbia River and I can just meet everyone there.  No more trying to sway the crowd with an 80 year old for me!