Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weddings won't be the same

For some reason I couldn't get a song out of my mind today.  I think it was my first brick of the year, nothing major just an hour on the bike followed by 30 minute run.  I had a lot to think about but instead I just kept singing the same phrase over and over in my mind.

She's a (repeat with a bit of mumbling between jaw clenched words)

Once in a while I throw in a "Shake it down, shakitdownnow..."

A couple questions.
1.  Is this connection between the Commodores and doing bricks for training permanent?
2.  Is it possible to learn more words?
3.  Is that really Lionel playing the saxophone in the pleather jacket?
4.  Does this song actually have an ending?
5.  Are there any other "brick" related songs that I can try to use to counter this one?
6.  Why in the world do people play this song at wedding receptions?

Thanks for your help and happy training.

1 comment:

  1. Well... there's "Another Brick in the Wall part 2" by Pink Floyd, but that makes workouts pretty depressing.