Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What does the spray off my shoes tell me

Rain and snow mix was back today during my lunch run.  It was pretty nice all morning and started to sleet as I changed into all the clothes in my running bag.  You think I’m exaggerating.  I tend to pack a bunch of stuff that I rarely use, including beanie, arm warmers, tights, vest, jacket, gloves, socks, long sleeve top and towel.

I put it all on and headed out.  I felt kind of tough.  Strange to feel tough in tights but if Robin could do it with his merry men, I guess I'm entitled to do it too.

My run takes me uphill after about 1/4 of a mile then by 1.5 miles I'm in the woods for a bit.  After that, I just kind of run through a neighborhood overlooking the Columbia river.  Today, due to snow and sleet, I couldn't see the river or planes so I looked down.

I noticed that with each step, a stream of water would shoot in front of me.  The deluge from my left shoe went straight ahead of me.  The water from my right arched to the center.  For some reason, this made me a bit paranoid. 

Shouldn't the water be going forward from both feet.  I started to try to change things to get the water to go straight with both feet but I could only get it to arc the other way.  I would have video taped the problem but that would mean that I would lose my GPS and most likely slow to a crawl and ruin my average speed (you understand) so I just kept running.

Do you think I should mention this next time I'm at the running store?  Should I hire a running coach that works in the rain?

Or maybe I should just start watching for cars, curbs and other runners who for some reason have symmetrical shoe spray.

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