Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Somthings make you faster than others

It has been a tough couple of weeks with some health concerns for my wife and girls.  Things ended up being fine and everyone is very healthy.  Trying not to write a sappy post so I'll move on.

It's amazing how much energy is drained by worry and also how much energy is added from being thankful.

I just bought a new bike (new to me).  It is a 2010 Felt B2 and came with stock and carbon race wheels.  This bike makes me want to be fast because it deserves to go fast.

Bike fitting in a few weeks and then I start training on this monster.  Having my family supportive of this crazy hobby and race schedule not only gives me focus but is helping me get out and do the work in the cold so that this summer when I'm racing, I will be able to show I valued the time and money spent on this sport.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Modified brick workout

I ate less than my little girls yesterday for lunch because I had big plans for their nap time.  I've been wanting to get a brick workout with at least 1 hour on the bike and about 45 of running.  I'd been planning the workout since Friday.

Here was the plan, ride the trainer so that I could be "available" if the girls happen to need me during their nap.  I placed the baby monitor in a place where I could see it and then I started to ride, knowing that they would sleep well past the time their mom was to be home so I could go run.

After about 20 minutes on the bike I was soaked and really feeling good, and then I saw the first sign of trouble.  The lights started to slowly pulse on the baby monitor.  I quit pedaling and heard the shrieks.  She was awake -- way too early and in desparate need for attention.

I ran a very quick transition (similar to T2) out of my bike shoes and upstairs to try to work my magic and get her to sleep.  I wasn't successful.  We ended up coming downstairs and sat on the floor and cuddled and read.  I couldn't sit on a chair because my wife would kill me if I sat on furniture with sweat drenched clothes.

It was fantastic to spend time with the little one and it was a highlight of my day.  My wife came home, I got back on the bike and rode to 45 minutes of trainer time, then I ran a 4.75 mile loop in 33 minutes.

I came home and both girls were up and ready to snuggle and read more.  Life didn't go as planned, I guess extra transitions, made quickly and with an open attitude, really is what training for an ironman and being a committed parent is all about.

FYI - I'm now registered for the Full Vineman on July 30 and Boise 70.3 on June 12.

Monday, November 1, 2010

My family is sick!

Take this comment in both senses (is that how you say two ways)?  The first way is literal sickness.  The second is from my 1980-1990 heritage of snowboarding, skateboarding, being a punk.  That time of my life was sick (as in wicked awesome)

First, my wife and daughters are all feeling ucky in its various forms.  If one person had all three of their maladies it would include stomach aches, funny nose, congestion, green snot and everything seeming loud.  My oldest woke me up at 2:30 this morning to tell me the train was too noisy, even though the tracks are about 2 miles from our house and I could barely hear the whistle.

Second, my oldest brother and his wife just gave me my Christmas present.  He registered me for the Full Vineman which will be raced on July 30.  He also sent out invites to most of our family and is making a big reunion cheering festival over it.  If racing wasn't enough, now I need to explain to people why I'm not going to win.  Even though I was planing on registering for this event, having it paid for and having such family suport is plain sick!

Now that I have your sympathy and jealousy, I can go back to dreaming of winning Vineman.