Monday, February 28, 2011

Expiriment on changing weather

It's pouring today in the Portland Oregon area.  I surprise.

All my warm, 'ug' weather clothes are muddy and in the laundry and so as I was packing my bag for my lunch run today, I just threw in shorts, t-shirt and socks.  All warm weather gear that can only be used if I run at the gym.

I hate running at the gym.  I hate running in pouring rain with cars spraying muck and leaves.  So this morning I made a choice of the lesser evil.   For those who are squeamish, don't read the next sentence.  I started to pack my dirty, stinky warm clothes but at the last minute decided that chance of the pouring stopping was next to nothing, so why bother.  So I just packed the gear for the gym.

Today at noon, in Portland Oregon, the sun will shine for 1 hour as I drive to the gym, run indoors, and then drive back to the office.  I will get soaked getting in and out of my car but the rest of the time will be perfect coldish day running weather.

I guess I'm just conducting an experiment to see if my super powers are in fact working.  Too bad I can't use them for my good.

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