Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Indoor Spinning Day

I still get news from Garden Valley, a small town in the mountains of Idaho I used to live in.

There was an advertisement for an "Winter Blues Spinning Day".  I couldn't believe the small town I was from would have a day long event for cyclists to ride trainers together.  I went straight to the date and was disappointed that I couldn't make it.

Wow - how cool that a small town was doing something like this during the long snowy winter.

Then I read who was sponsoring the event "Fiber Freaks"  how cool is that!  I'm a fiber freak as evident by my Felt B2 purchase.  I want to join this group.

Good thing I didn't join the group or make a special trip - I would have been really really disapointed.

The day and club are all about making yarn, not about cycling.  I can't understand why someone would want to sit around all day making yarn from a bunch of sheep fluff, especially when they could spend a whole day riding a bike that doesn't go anywhere.

Wow...what a disappointment.


Would you have been fooled?

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