Friday, February 25, 2011

Fear of hawks and eagles

I have friends who aren't triathletes.  In fact, most of my friends aren't triathletes.  They are fly-fishermen.  Another expensive, obsessive hobby which wrecks homes and is known to make someone talk to themselves and twitch.

Well, Bill went to Alaska again and after telling me about catching so many fish that his rod just whimpered, he pulled out his phone to show me a video.  Watching someone land a fish on video is almost as good as watching people dance with the sound turned off.

Bill showed me this video he shot (while performing the demanding triathlon of driving a boat, fishing, and shooting video) of a bear...walking along...minding his own business...being attacked by a bald eagle.

(Life changing - fear increasing - footage of savage attack on innocent bear)

I was stunned, I didn't know that eagles ate anything other than fish, rabbits, and other little creatures.

My problem now is that during my lunch run, I often pass hawks, eagles, and Osprey.  I've never heard of them attacking a person, but if they attack bears, why not me?

The other problem is that the attack is from the back, I just hate the idea of being attacked from the back by a cowardly bird of prey.

I'm considering wearing my aero helmet for runs and also mounting those little mirrors onto my helmet or sunglasses so I'm better prepared for my eventual attack.

Any other suggestions?

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