Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great Run - Bad recovery

Had a nice, typical run yesterday.   Nothing out of the usual if you follow my blog you will find that nearly all my running takes place in the rain and muck which is standard for living in the Portland area. 

I did a bit over 9 miles yesterday at a comfortable 7:40 is pace and was a bit longer than the 1 hour I planned on running.  I didn't do anything fancy, just ran. It wasn't a long run, just

I got back to the office tired, a bit cold and hungry.  My left but hurt a bit but nothing major.  I worked the rest of the afternoon and then got out of my chair and my left knee hurt.  I drove home, my knee hurt getting out of the car.  We went to eat for my wife's birthday.  Knee felt fine until getting out of the chair. 

I iced my knee and took Advil.  I also whined to my wife about my world coming crashing down.  Today, it feels okay, no problem going up or down stairs but deep knee stuff hurts.

I decided to swim today during lunch and write a whiny post. Maybe take a few days rest from running and then go out and do some speed work...

Maybe I need to go to the AS SEEN ON TV store to look for a miracle cure.

Any other ideas?

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