Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wow and did you lose a bet?

I'm a minor radio and TV personality. What that means is that I occasionally, as part of my job, appear on television and radio.  I don't do it enough to feel comfortable but do it enough that people aren't too surprised.  Also, the only reason I'm even allowed to have air time is that I am fortunate to lead an amazing organization called Project PATCH which does great things for families and kids who are struggling.

Well...last Friday, my personality was stretched.  I was called for a segment on the TnT with Tester & Terry which is on KIDO sport 630.  One of my fears as a minor media personality is that I will be embarrassed on the air.  If smooth and knowledgeable is required, I will come out with stammering nonsense.  Also, I have a fear of debating sports.  I'm good a creating statistics but not quoting them.  The only sports celebrities I recognize are triathletes and cyclists.

So the very first thing I was doing on air was giving a loud "Go Broncos" which wasn't too hard because I'm a Boise State graduate and a believer.  Then we talked golf, the kids and families we serve and then I was surprised...I got to talk about triathlons rather than demonstrate my ignorance about sports.

From my standard bio, they learned a number of things including me being a husband, dad and triathlete.  They zeroed in on triathlon and responded with the typical wow, so how far do you have to go?  So I gave the distances for Boise 70.3 and then said I'll double that distance for Vineman.  Then they asked whether I lost a bet.  Kind of funny that these guys are around world class athletes all the time that do amazing feats and an age grouper could impress them and that they are surprised by regular people going the distance.

So my minor personality wasn't embarrassed and more than that, I was reminded that whether triathlon really unique in that people can't come in contact with and not make some sort of judgment.  Whether it is, "Those people are crazy" or maybe a glimmer of WOW.  My hope is that a few people listening may end up not just thinking wow, but end up having that amazing chance to cross that finish line with their hands in the air.

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