Monday, April 18, 2011

The natual pose of conquer

I keep looking at the picture (and forcing everyone I know) of the fish I caught last week.

A bit of background.  I caught a fish the very first time I went fly-fishing for Steelhead.  I think it was around 1996 and I was in Port Hardy British Columbia.  My cousin was my guide and the fish was amazingly strong the the fight epic.  Only camera and so people didn't believe me.

I wouldn't call myself an avid fisherman but I have tried pretty hard to catch another steelhead.  So last week, I was back at it in Stanley Idaho with my friend Mike.  Mike tends to catch fish and I tend to net them for him.  Well, I finally caught my fish.

Here is the picture. 

Neither fish nor I are actual size

As I stared at the picture, I realized that I naturally assumed the pose of a conquer.  For some reason, the best pictures of a fisherman require the fisherman to:

  1. Kneel on one knee
  2. Appear comfortable despite frigid weather
  3. Don't look too suprised by the fact that you actually caught a fish.

I wonder what I will look like when I finish Vineman this year.  I've watched Kona finish line by the hour and there are all sort of ways people cross the line.  From kissing the ground, colapsing, raising the arms, to just looking dazed, there seems to be no standard way to finish.

In professional cycling, many riders have their "signature" move.  From pistola to kissing the cross, each makes a statement.

I think I'll incorporate the following into my move.

  1. Avoid doing any move that may result in falling (no leaping heal kicks)
  2. Avoid any more in which I have to get up off the ground
  3. Nothing that king kong would do
  4. Incorporate at least two clinched fist "yes" moves
  5. Work in the "What has two thumbs and finshined vineman"  -  This guy
  6. Say a prayer of thanks (for my family and health)
Pictures to follow after July 30th.

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  1. Get the fish stuffed, bring him with you to the finish line and re-create your already signature pose. Now, that would be memorable! :)