Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Runny noses

My girls currently have runny noses.  I'm not talking just a little moisture, I'm talking green gunk.  So we spend quite a bit of time getting tissue, wiping noses, dumping tissue and washing hands.

I'm so glad I haven't taught them how to do the "snot rocket" or "farmer spray" or whatever it is called.  Our walls and floor would be green.

So why I am sharing this?  Not sure except that as a parent and triathlete several themes become key conversation points.  For the triathlon side of me, I can talk either about how awesome and knowledgeable I am about triathlon or I can whine about training.  For some reasons, I don't get the impression that people want to hear me describe my awesomeness.  Also, my training is just kind of happening right now and isn't what I'd call inspired.

So if you were to engage me in conversation, my parent side would probably speak up.  Now parents tend to avoid certain subjects because no one other than grandparents want to hear how amazingly bright, beautiful and wonderful our children are. While I'd like to share why I think my 3 year old girls are capable to skipping the first grade right now, I don't share that because you don't believe it.

The other option is to talk about the cute things that they say.   That is really fun but for some reason it just isn't as cute when spelled out.  People try to laugh and connect but they secretly are thinking of how to change the subject gracefully.

So...what do we talk about?  Snot and poop.  And so I thought I would talk about the safer of the two topics today. 

Let me know when you are ready to hear about poop.

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