Friday, April 1, 2011

Taking your kids to "Your" stores

I had to stop by two stores yesterday and so decided to make it a family activity.  The first was stop by a running store before my coupon ran out to buy a new pair of shoes..  The second was to make an exchange at a bike shop.

I really like running stores and bike shops.  If you'd asked me before yesterday, I would've told you that I like to look at things at the stores.  Well that isn't quite true, I like to touch things at stores.  I would have never known this unless I had my two girls with me who were touching everything.  I kept telling them, "Look, don't touch".  They didn't seem to be listening and instead were touching everything.  They were trying on hats, playing with the foam rollers, touching every shoe within reach.  They played with the socks, tried the treadmill and wanted to try on clothes.  As I "calmly" and "sternly" told them that if they don't stop touching, I noticed that they were just copying me.  As I waited at the counter to ring up the purchase (Nike Lunarglide 2)  I became aware that between the girls and myself, we had touched nearly everything on the counter.  I was setting a horrible example.

We then went to the bike store and the pattern repeated again.  I told them not to touch and I proceeded to touch everything and they copied.

It wasn't the relaxing trip to the stores that I hoped for.  I felt like a hypocrite every few seconds.  I know adults are allowed to touch but maybe, just maybe, I need to rethink how we shop when together as a family.

Do you think this will work?
1.  They only touch things that I hand them?
2.  I only touch things that I trust them not to break.
3.  I make them wear really baggy pants when we go to stores so that they they are too busy holding their pants up to try to touch things?

Maybe it's me that needs to forget the belt, and the wallet...

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