Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fear of matching

For some reason, all my new gear is the same color.
  • 2010 Felt B2 (Bright Red)
  • Long Sleeve Nike Running Shirt (Bright Red)
  • New Shoes - Nike LunarGlide +2 (Bright Red)
  • My Triathlon top (Bright Red)
  • Bike gloves (Bright Red)
  • Running Socks (Black/Bright Red)
For those of you who are perceptive or have super powers or insight- you already know that I am cheap.  I also tend to be a bit practical.  When I shop for tri related stuff I will buy using the following guidelines.
  1. Is it on sale -  preferably clearance.
  2. Is it NOT the color of pavement.
  3. Fits reasonable well
  4. Does not make me look feminine.
That list has resulted in me wearing all sorts of colors and styles but all in all has served me well.  My last pair of shoes were am amazingly ugly green and blue - people would stare in shock as I passed by (or maybe they saw me as a predator).

So for some reason everything is going bright red.  Maybe I'm red is out and so now it is IN my closet but my problem is that I don't want to match.  It kind of goes back to #4 above.

If you enjoy coordinating or looking like your favorite pro...I have no problem or judgment of you doing it.  I just personally have a fear of matching too much.  Because of this, I will purposely wear the bright orange University of Oregon sock whenever I can to demonstrate that I believe in form over beauty. 

Maybe I'm under some sort of spell to only buy a certain color.  Maybe living in a home with three girls (2 little, one an adult) is moving me subconsciously toward pink.  I don't know but I do know that I am afraid.

Any ideas?

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