Monday, April 25, 2011

My stomach noticed how absurd things really are

Last Friday I had one of those swim sessions that is designed to takeaway all confidence...not in swimming but in counting.  It was a 4200 yard morning which isn't bad except it was

1000 Yards Warm-up - Concentrate on form and smooth easy strokes
4 X 500 Yards at steady nice pace - 2 minutes rest between
1000 Yards IM pace
200 Yards Cool Down

So I really can't count that many laps and have a crazy commitment to error on the long side rather than short.  So, if I don't remember what lap I'm on, I will go back to the smaller number. 

Everything is going fine on this great Friday morning.  I was able to get out of bed at 4:30 AM and make it into the pool by 4:45.  The pool was empty and my warm-up was going great.  In fact, all the swimming went fine except the more I swam, the more my stomach started to feel uncomfortable. 

At first it was only a bit of churning feeling.  Then it become more of a oughtutht feeling as I flipped for my next lap.  Finally it became a humphughtth with a bit of gurguthuhhh.  I had only about 400 yards left but I quit flipping for my turns.  I just went to the end, gingerly turned around and started swimming again.

This worked great and I finished my main set and started the cool down.  I just did my open turns and before I knew it was was just about to hit the wall for my final turn and without thinking, I flipped.  My stomach instantly told me that I had done one flip too many.  I started to feel that little fluttering deep in my gut.  The flutter started to become a gurgle.  I was about 10 feet from the end of the pool and I quit swimming and walked and prayed.  I wasn't so afraid of throwing up as much as where I was going to throw up.  I climbed out of the pool, walked in a trance to the men's room.  I made sure I kept of receptacle close by.  By the time I showed, went to work, finished work and went to bed, the nausea had passed.

Now I did a bit of thinking about my problem.  I worried that I would puke during Vineman.  Until I started to think about how many flips I had done that morning.

WU -   38 Flips
Main Set 4 X 18 = 72 Flips
1 X 38 Flips
Cool Down 6 Flips

Total 154 Flips

Now imagine you are taking a 2.5 mile walk and every 25 yards there is a comfortable mat designed for a somersault.  Do you think your stomach would feel good on your 150th flip?

So the point of this long pondering is that swimming longer distances in a pool is absurd.  While my mind can not count laps, it seems to have a really good grasp of how many times I flip. 

The good news...Vineman doesn't require any flip turns...I hope.

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