Monday, January 3, 2011

Scam or opportunity

I've been on the internet researching an offer to sell a time share the non-profit I work owns.  It turns out that the offer is a scam.  Should have known from the start but getting the wire transfer directions sealed the deal for me.  No way I'm wiring $3,380 (USD) to pay a tax that doesn't exist.  Wish I had my time and trust back.

Kind of strange to be in a world in which non-profits are scammed.  You'd think certain groups would be spared based on the good they do.

I feel bad for fat people, there are so many people trying to scam them.  I think I would be pretty paranoid if I was constantly bombarded with so many fantastic "offers".

Good thing we triathletes aren't scammed.  Everyone knows that the middle of the pack athlete needs those race wheels, carbon water bottles, a pro-level wetsuit and trace minerals.  We could move from middle of pack to front of pack if we only...

Maybe I shouldn't write when I'm cynical.  I do think it's great to be as fast as we can be.  Training is hard work and we don't want our equipment or body to let us down and so I am willing to bite.  However, I don't want to be scammed into either wasting my money, time or body. 

So how do I tell the difference?

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