Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Am I really like that crazy running buffalo?

My family was able to travel with me last weekend to Southern Oregon.  Trip was great except it totally messed up my training.  Pool heater was broken (way too cold) and morning meetings and late nights kept me from running. 

Pity party over and back on track…

On the way home we stopped by the world famous Wildlife Safari in Winston Oregon.  I didn’t expect much more than a glorified muddy farm but paid the entrance fee (1/2 price with certain zoo memberships) and drove in.  The girls were excited because they were allowed out of their car seats.  I could probably just drive in a “safe” parking lot for several hours with them out of their seats and they would be happy.

Cheap party over and back on track…

It was awesome.  Giraffes stood next to our car.  Zebras, Gnu(s), Elk, and all sorts of dear/gazelle like animals were close and awesome.  I nearly lost my mind when the Llamas blocked the road but soon recovered and made it to the buffalo section.  We were patiently following this huge buffalo walk up the road and I kept wondering why all my animal pictures are of the rear end of animals.  I have great pictures of moose heading into the forest and bears butts.

View for nearly 10 minutes
Butt party over and back on track…

 There was this young calf like buffalo that was amazing.  All the others were sauntering (rears facing me) and this little guy was running circles around them.  He would run ahead and then crash through the mud and circle around and back ahead.  He would jump a bit, kick and seemed to be having fun. 

Actual creature when standing still
I girls almost in unison said, “baby buffalo is exercising like baba” (that’s me).  For some reason I felt really proud.  Maybe I look crazy when I exercise but I’d like to think I look like I’m having the time of my life. 

What are they seeing when they see me exercies?  Are they watching joy like that crazy baby buffalo? 

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