Monday, January 10, 2011

Which is more tedious?

I went fly fishing for steelhead yesterday.  Notice, I didn't say fly catching because I don't seem to catch steelhead.  After about my zillionth cast to water which just mocked me, I finally caught a rock.  Then I caught a tree, then another rock.

I was cold, hungry, and honestly a little bored.  I still had the "air of anticipating" and chirped "hear fishy, fishy, fishy" and made the occasional clucking sound that works well for cats, horses, and children.

I started to feel like I was on my trainer.  Except with the trainer there's no hope.

I think the trainer is pretty much the most tedious invention - ever.  It's worse than the treadmill because I could possiblly get launched on a treadmill.  It's worse than lap swimming because lap swiming actually involves forward motion.
It's definitely more tedious than reading "Wacky Wednesday" which I have read to oblivion because my daughters seem to explode in joy when they find eight wacky things.

I guess there's many tedious things in my life and for some reason, I benefit from all of them.

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