Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is it brainwashing? Should I feel shame?

My daughters (ages 2 & 3) have a race coming up in June.  It is the kids Splash, Pedal and Dash at Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival ( 

Photo courtesy of PCWSF

They didn't chose to race.  I think I kind of just told them they were racing.  In my most excited voice possible I described how they could slide down a slide into the water, then wade through a bunch of pools, then ride their bike (one wants to ride really fast) and then run and run and run until they get to raise their hands over their head and cross a line and shout "I did it".

Some other parents brainwashed her!
They are so excited, they now tell everyone that will listen about the race.  They really have the core message down -  slide, wade, bike, run, "I did it".  They also know they will get a necklace like I get.

Is my excitement and "pressing" this event brainwashing?  Is this okay or should I feel shame for wanting my girls to enjoy this sort of thing?

I guess it really is too late to change the course so I might as see if I can find carbon dimpled race wheels for their bikes.  Do you think it's too early to start looking for sponsors?  I think they really have a chance for AG podiums.
Not my kids

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