Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three things every triathlete has to include ina training conversation

A truly talkable workout needs must include at least one but preferably all three of the following items.
1.  Crazy time of day
2.  Horrible weather
3.  Reference to speed and distance
Bonus - throw in lingo that other people would be embarrassed to use.

For example, no true triathlete could ever say "I went running today".  That is neither interesting or epic.  At minimum,
Okay- "Great run today.  I really get the trail to myself during blizzards."
Better - "Great 20K run today.  It was so easy to hold at 6:13 pace because no one else was out due to the blizzard"
Best - "Great 20K run today.  I tried not to wake the neighbors when I started my run at 4:17 AM.  It was easy to hold my 6:13 pace warm-up and the blizzard really didn't interfere with the Fartlek workout.

For some reason a workout just doesn't feel right if it is too easy.  On days that we are running at 10 AM in the sun and only running for 20 minutes it feels like we are wusses.  If someone asks about that run or for some reason you want to admit that you ran an easy run, I would suggest you add the following options.

1.  Hills even better - sand dunes
2.  Some sort of incident with a rude person.

For example, "It would have been a great run today but there were these total noobs that we just walking, holding hands of all things with their headphones on, and as I was climbing the sand dune, I called out 'on your left' and they just kept walking until I was right behind them and then they yelled at me for not warning them"

Wait until I tell you about the 5 keys to describing your last race.

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