Monday, January 24, 2011

What do the nighbors think?

We live across the street from good friends.  We didn't know they would be when we moved in but we share some important things in common.

First, they are addicted to the show, "Amazing Race".  We meet each Sunday at their house with a group of friends and have our own competition (I'll share the later).

Second, Jaysun is a triathlete and amazing runner.  We both really started focusing on triathlons at about the same time and race together whenever possible.

Finally, my wife has someone else in the neighborhood to "Neighbor Watch" with.  My wife is observant and is always on the lookout.  I tend to be absorbed and not notice things.  I frustrate her, our neighbors don't because they can compare notes.

Now that you have some background.  I now have found a home for my trainer on the second floor.  It almost feels like a tower because I get a great view of the neighborhood.

I now can contribute to those discussions about cars driving slow, or people walking by slowly, or dogs that don't "match" their owners.  I'm noticing stuff.

Now the problem, I'm being watched.  During dinner last Sunday, I was told, "We see you hunkered on your bike all the time."  Hunkered?  That doesn't sound like my race position.  Also, I was told, "Why don't you train with Jaysun, you both are riding at the same time."

I'm suddenly feel a bit more vulnerable while riding.  Who else is watching.  Do they see me wipe snot on my towel and then wipe my forehead when I forget my earlier action?  Do they see me shift into an easier gear.  Do they notice that I don't hunker as much as I should.

Maybe I should move the trainer...

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