Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is I bad for a race preview run to be too perfect?

I was in Boise for work yesterday and I was able to take a "few minutes" to run the Boise 70.3 course. I didn't plan on running the whole thing but just couldn't turn around so I ran the whole thing.

It was a great morning and it just seemed effortless. The river was full and people were frindly. Ended up running it in 1:37:53 and it felt great. Recovery wasn't a problem and I just want to run more.

Here is the problem - I now have set unrealistic expectations for race day. I now will expect cool weather, friendly water fowl, effortless running and a great run. Most likely I will discover heat, legs that want their blanckey and birds and people who will waddle past me.

I'm glad I ran and hope next time will be memorable and pray I'll experience at least a run with a faint resemblance to yesterday's run.

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