Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Running helps me

I'm in the midst of one of those weeks with pressures and obligations that are stacking up.  I'm not being dramatic, it is one of those weeks that turns hair gray and stomachs inside out.

In the midst of this, I ran today, uphill for 5 miles and it was precisely what I needed.  I thought I should be doing other "productive" things but instead I ran, prayed, and thought.  I also stopped at the top and was surprised how high I climbed.  I've attached a picture below and will let you guess where it is, no prize other than the satisfaction of being right or wrong.

5.2 Miles into my run (HINT - view of state capitol)

I think knowing why we run, bike or swim is important.  For me, it is refueling, energizing, and focusing.  Not every run, but triathlon has a role in my life that is so much deeper than racing, it really provides me a time to think, or just allow monotony to take over (lap X our of X).  I tend to come away much more open to hearing what God has in store for me as well as ideas on how to entertain my tiny group of followers on this blog.

Why do you run?  Why do you tri?

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