Thursday, May 19, 2011

I was taunted by art

No the person's name wasn't Art but I'm talking about the thing that hangs on the wall.

I was stuck in a very frustrating and difficult legal meeting yesterday and had ample times to stair at a painting that hung on the wall in the small conference room.  The picture was filled with a bunch of trees that were starting to change color as fall approached and the sky was hazy.  It looks neither hot nor cold.  In the center of the picture is a narrow gravel road that is slightly climbing toward the horizon.  The road has some grass growing in the center but isn't particularly rutted. 

That picture taunted me, because there would have been nothing better than to run out of that meeting and even better, run out of that meeting and have the chance to run for a long time without seeing people.

The longer I sat there, the more I could picture myself running down that road.  I could hear the sound of my feet, estimate how long it took to get over the hill and most importantly, I could feel the quiet and peace.

So the picture kept taunting me all day.  Yet today I had my vengeance.  I ran one of my favorite runs, uphill through the woods, gravel and dirt, grass growing up in the middle.  No other people, just the sound of my shoes in gravel and my gasping for air.  I didn't race today and I didn't look at my watch.  I just ran and soaked in how lucky I am.  Lucky for my family, impact I'm making, and roads I get to run.

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