Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Lunch Run - One of my favorite things

I love my lunch run.  I've written about it before and will no doubt write about it again.  However, now I have found a way to share one of my favorite sections with you and all you have to do is try not to vomit due to the poor video.

Sorry about how bumpy this is, I guess it shows that I'm not too smooth of a runner.  I thought I would do a better job running with one hand given my experience pushing a stroller and running.  It really was tiring holding my iPhone in front of me and trying to keep it steady.

Things I noticed on the trail today.
1.  Lots of bright blue eggs that are cracked.
2.  Trash that I tried to film around
3.  Chalk arrows that make me think other people may know about my trail.
4.  I wish the tree at the bottom of the first hill hadn't been cut out, it would have been more impressive to have me leap over it and demonstrate my predator moves.  
5.  There is some weird noise that sounds like a mourning dove.  Maybe I make that sound when I run and don't know it.

All I know is that this section makes me happy and my sharing it may make you sick.  For any of you in the area, let me know when you want to go running.

1 comment:

  1. That trail looks beautiful! I wish there were a trail like that nearby my work. Then I'd actually be inspired to run instead of taking a nap. All we have are businesses, an airport, and a local park.