Monday, May 23, 2011

Pool Closed

I missed a week of swimming due to travel and am really, surprisingly, in all truthfulness really excited to get back in the pool.  My alarm went off at 5:00 AM and I just started my automatic routine.  I had a really strange swim workout so I took a minute to write it out and then I drove to the club.

I checked in, changed, took care of business, showered and even put my swim cap and goggles while showering (I am not sure why) and started to walk toward the pool.  There was a sign on the door that I couldn't quite read because I had my goggles on.  I thought it said pool closed.  So I took off my goggles (and for some reason my cap...maybe because a tight swim cap will result in blurred brain) and read again.  Sure enough closed.

So I showered, muttered about lack of signs and not being personally emailed since I am the King of the Pool and went grocery shopping.

Not a great way to start this week...but life is all about adjustments and plan B-Z.  I hope your pool isn't closed, your trails are long and roads clear.

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