Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When idealism collides with reality

I'm now 32 days away from Vineman and there is an eminent collision between my ideal self and the actual guy that hasn't trained enough.  I have been trying a practice called denial and also positivity but those aren't working as well as I would like.

Here is the reality as I see it.  I pretty much ready for the swim, transitions, riding half the bike and half the run.  I haven't even tried to run since Pacific Crest because I don't want to know if there is a problem.  My knee feels great and I've had a great swim and bike week but I'm avoiding the discovery process, at least until tomorrow. 

The other reality is that I'm really excited about the race, I re-read the course description and just can't wait to do it. 

So I have a few more weeks to get my run back, my bike a bit stronger, and most of all, to get me to the starting line as healthy and strong as possible. 

I used to think that triathlon training was all about getting top notch fitness in three disciplines, and as good of skills as possible given that time is split in three areas.  I now am getting a better view is that what makes the 140.6 distance so difficult isn't just the training but doing all the training and being able to keep healthy and injury free.

Getting to the starting line takes discipline, a huge amount of self-awareness, and a bunch of luck.

For me, reality will ultimately collide on July 30 and I'm working hard to make the collision as soft was possible.  collides

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  1. I'm sure you'll do great, Chuck. I was there this past weekend. The whole course is lots of fun, and very beautiful in places. The swim is refreshing, the bike scenic, and the run was a fun course with good patches of shade.