Monday, June 6, 2011

Early lessons in lovin the burnin leggs

Friends from Wyoming visited this weekend and we decided to show off where we live.  We also finally had a chance for a hike and so we headed into the Columbia Gorge. 

As predicted, we weren't the only ones that had the idea of spending the first hot day of the season freezing in the spray of a waterfall.  The crowds were huge at the tourist spots like Crown Point and Multinomah Falls.

We decided to hike one of my favorite short hikes.  It starts at Horsetail falls and goes up to Ponytail falls and then has some great views of a gorge.  I thought the entire hike was about 1.5 miles. 

This hike marked a transition in our home from carrying to walking.  I know how beneficial it is to carry kids in those packs.  It is a lot of fun to have a sweaty body with boots that kick in the kidney on every third step.  It is great to have to do an amazing twist to get the kid on your back and back to the ground without tipping them out on the rocks.  It is a lot of fun...but good times end.

So we hiked a bit slower.   Every switchback we switched hands so that we could block the fall off the trail.  Finally we reached Ponytail falls which is awesome because the trail goes behind the falls.  My girls weren't scared and even surprised me more by wanting to go directly under the falls. 

We then continued to hike and hike and hike.  The 1.5 mile hike stretched on and on.  We had water and snack breaks and still kept hiking.  It was this point that I remembered the hike was closer to 3 miles with an additional .5 mile walk on the road. 

We started hearing the dreaded, "My legs hurt".  My girls are a bit dramatic and they really were putting on a show.  It was at this point that I decided to teach them a key lesson for the triathlete.  You have got to love the burn. 

We did a bit of a huddle, which means I crouched and they stood stomping rocks and mud.  I told them that when their legs hurt, it means they are getting stronger.  Hurting legs make you strong!

So we finished the hike without either girl being carried, we gave high fives, hugs and they put their hands in the air and shouted, "I did it".  Then they told us how their legs are stronger.

My new problem, no sympathy at home.  I race Boise 70.3 this week and if I were to hint that I'm tired or my legs hurt, I will just hear "You are getting stronger!" 

I love it...

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