Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I used up my luck today

I spent the day golfing to raise money for the non-profit I work for. The last time I goofed was a year ago at the same tournament. I enjoy golf but typically I rely on players that golf to save our team from mockery.

This year my team was made up of two amazing former Boise State football players. The more experienced was Drisan James who learned a bit as a I'd and golfed a few times. The other guy was Ian Johnson who is a hero running back but had never played golf before.

So I had some pressure.

We ended at +1 for the day which is simply amazing. The problem is, I used ip moat of my luck quota during the round. So what am I supposed to think getting ready for Boise 70.3 with no luck? I'm using tubular wheels fir the first time
Just to tempt fate even more

On a positive note, things here in Boise are great. Weather is good and hopefully the water is warming.

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