Friday, June 24, 2011

Kid's Splash n dash report

As a parent I'm always looking for something to motivate my girls. It's surprising sometimes just how much something can mean to them and once the secret is out, we as parents get huge power. For potty training, we used Graham teddy bears as potty treats.

This race has been gold for us in motivating the girls. I don't know what will get us through the ride home.

Today's race turned out better than we could of imagined. They lived everything except waiting for an hour to race. A bit disorganized as far as the waiting but the volunteers were amazing.

The start was an inflated play house. My girls needed help getting in and a bit of assistance getting up the wall. K decided to bounce on the slide but C was in race mode. They figured out the next obsticle then were in the two wading pools. C wanted her goggles but they loved it.

The bike transition to socks went okay and then the bikes. K was ahead and C fell while we pushed her bike. The bike went great and the quarter mile had a great tunnel and downhill. The tips don't know how to brake but C wanted "self" and was persuasive and proved she loved

The run transition was really fast and they both ran the whole run. It would have been faster except they really liked to give high fives. I think they could have been adored and cheered all day long

They finished, got their medal and then drank water then back to running.

I'm really proud of them and hope they love it as much as I do.

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