Thursday, March 3, 2011

Now it is all my fault

My wife doesn't allow the girls to run in the house.  I'm all for running every chance it is available.  She wins...not sure why but at this point, she wins.

I've been getting my girls ready for their first triathlon.  I posted about it quite a while ago.  I finally found a video that some other really enthusiastic dad shot of his kids racing.  I've shown it to them several times...okay maybe 20-30 times.  There are two things that are great about this video.

1.  It has "Eye of the Tiger" as the theme.  My girls need to get that song drilled into them so can dominate the race by calling on its power.
2.  It shows them that they can win because other kids are weak and don't want it as bad as they do.  Well, I think that may be stretching things a bit, but the other kids seem to be doing it for fun, and not really focused.

Well, back to running little one was tearing around the house and my wife stopped her and told her she was supposed to walk in the house.  The little one answered, "But Mama, I'm training for my race"

Love that little girl!

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