Thursday, March 24, 2011

If you can't be snuggly - try smug

One of my favorite things recently is to wake up and discover I can sleep another hour.  Covers feel warm, pillow is soft and everything is quiet.  About 3 seconds later I hear the strums of a harp seemingly blasting from my alarm on my phone.  I silence the phone, try to remember what I'm supposed to do and then use every super power I have to move out of my snugly, cozy and warm bed.

Today the alarm went off at 4:40 AM which is pretty early for me.  I had a longer bike than usual and had to wake up early.  I got a movie fired up, bike ready, bottle nearby and started to ride.  My trainer is on the second story and I look out over our driveway into the neighborhood.

Not one light on, no one stirring, not even a mouse.  At that point I started to feel smug.  Not only was I doing the "Carpe Diem" thing, I was training when my neighbor was sleeping.  He is a much faster triathlete than me, and I will never catch him unless I work harder.  Today, at least for those two hours, I was working harder.

No one wants to be around a smug person but it sure helps fuel me during a sleepy morning.  Well, coffee helps too.

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