Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plan B was amazing

I finally convinced myself to head out for my lunch run yesterday.  It was raining and I was cold and hungry but I started to get dressed to run.  I then discovered I was missing my shoes.  I had several offers to borrow shoes but the largest was a woman's size 7.5.  So instead of running, I ate my lunch and was read the newest LAVA magazine which is filled with people who not only are fast but can remember to pack their shoes.

I decided on "Plan B" which was to leave work a bit early and run at home, but I knew there was no way that I could show my face at home and not spend time with my girls.  So I called my wife and she got the girls ready so that when I came home, they would go running with me.  Well, not that they would run, but they would ride in the jogging stroller and I would be their mule.

I got home, loaded the girls, and then something amazing happened...the sun appeared.

We ran to a neighborhood park which is about 2.5 miles from the house.  Once we got there I they played.  Climbing, swinging, sliding, throwing sticks and making me feel really content and grateful.  I loaded them up, went back home.

I didn't hit my pace I typically do.  I didn't listen to my Ipod and instead listened to them sing.  My little one kept wanting to hold hands which made pushing hard.  We had to stop both ways to look at the chickens. 

I'm so grateful I forgot my shoes yesterday.


  1. That's a really sweet story Chuck. Really reminds us of the little things that we tend to forget when training for races.

    I was up in Wildflower last weekend for training with TNT. It was cold, wet, and I felt like I was gonna die on some parts of the bike, but the time spent with my teammates was totally worth it. The 13 mile run in the rain on Sunday felt great, even though I really didn't want to do it at first.

  2. Cold-wet-felt like death...it does sound like a good weekend. It is amazing how motivating it is to be with a bunch of people who are stretching themselves and doing it to help people. What is your connection with TNT?

  3. I'm in TNT for Vineman as a participant. It'll be my first iron distance triathlon. I find it pretty amazing since I projected two years to do one when I started training for triathlons in March 2010.