Friday, March 25, 2011

First race of the season

Well, judgment day is tomorrow.  I've been training all winter and it's time to see if I've progressed.

My first race of the season will be a duathlon (5k, 40k, 5k).  The race is along the Columbia river which is famous for two things.  First - windsurfing and kite boarding on the amazing steady winds.  Second- waterfalls created by rain and cliffs. 

The things that made the area famous are foretasted to be showing off tomorrow. 

One other problem with first races is that I want to do better than my last races.  Those were great fall events in which it was in the cool 70 degree weather, not a wisp of wind and angles seemed to carry me along at the speed of light.  At least that is how I remember it. 

I do have a plan for tomorrow:
  1. Drink coffee
  2. Stare into the gale with a stoic look on my face (imagine an old main fisherman)
  3. When the gun goes off, go as fast as I can
  4. Remember as many details as possible so I can exaggerate them later as I write a race report for this blog.
  5. Remind myself to go faster
  6. Remind myself that I paid $70 for the privilege of suffering in horrible conditions
  7. Remember the faster I go, the sooner I can drink more hot coffee
Can't wait!

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  1. Good luck and have fun. #6 seems all too familiar.