Friday, July 29, 2011

Vineman -1

Great day of scouting the course, meeting and registering. My brother who lives in the area and did vineman 70.3 last year was my guide which made the day easier.

Here are somethings that stood out today.

1. Weather here is perfect. This is an amazing area. I must be part grape because I love being here.
2. The roads are rough. I will be jostled tomorrow and knowing my the way I put off potty stops until the last minute, I will experience some pain.
3. There are a lot of triathletes who don't appear to understand the value of a taper.
4. There are a lot of triathletes who don't know wearing the race shirt before completing the race will jinx their race.
5. Three bike lengths is measured differently by officials and athletes.
6. I need to sleep to tonight and be ready for tomorrows reality.
7. I'm blessed to be able to do this.

So T2 is set up. Strange to be racking based on age group rather than bib number but I have a great spot and will be back to see how many bikes
Are there before me.

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