Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My compass disappears when on the bike...

I rarely get lost.  Mostly because my wife has this uncanny ability to constantly know where we are, which way north is, and the best road to take. 

I don't get confused when driving a car and can typically navigate without GPS or sheets of Google Map (need new feature that you can click "Yes, I know how to leave my neighborhood"). 

I can run and magically find trails that meet my time or distance requirements and rarely get lost.

However...I can't seem to bike and navigate at the same time.  On Sunday''s ride, I got lost finding a friends house, I ended up being one street off.  Then he took me on his typical route which wound through these nice, paved, small farm roads.  We started way north of my house and ended up South East but I though we were still north. 

He said, "I think we are now on Fourth Plane"  and I pulled out my I-phone and said, You are right.  At this point he started to ride to my house and I followed but at every turn, I wanted to go the opposite way.  If it had been up to me, we would have ridden into the wilderness.

I've gone on some great rides with friends and during those rides I see parks or farmers markets that I want to go back to with my family.  I try to take them there and end up on the wrong side of town.  I try to re-create rides that I've done with a local club and can't seem to even remember the first turn. 

So, is this a permanent problem?  Can I get help or do I just need to bike with friends?

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