Friday, July 15, 2011

I am that guy

Life is pretty busy right now and I just kind of grab and go in the morning when I'm packing my running hear.  So I finally carved a few minutes to run late yesterday and rushed to get ready to go.  I raced out the office door and down the block and suddenly got that "something may be terribly wrong" feeling. 

So here is my checklist:
  • Shorts - Yes
  • Fly - thank God running shorts don't have one
  • Am I wearing dress socks?  No - not today
  • Do I look like an idiot - egomaniac - YES
I was wearing my Boise 70.3 race shirt and my Boise 70.3 race hat and I didn't look but I think I was towing a banner that said, "look at me, I raced Boise IRONMAN 70.3" and wearing my finisher's medal.

Nothing wrong with advertising past accomplishments.  If I thought it was taboo to wear race shirts, I would end up running shirtless most of the time since I'm too cheap to buy tech t-shirts.

My issue is that one item is cool, more than one item is just bragging. 

The problem with being "That Guy" is that now that I've identified myself as one of the worlds premier athletes as referenced by the abundance of race gear and have to back that up by not getting passed. I also have to make my run appear effortless.

I did have a good run but ran about 30 seconds per mile faster than I intended.  I occasionally turned in shame to hide my shirt of hat as I passed other runners and generally tried to overcompensate by being overly friendly.

I'm thinking about running in jeans today, maybe with boots and a cowboy hat.

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  1. Great post! Thanks for the advice. As a beginner, now I know I shouldn't wear my race shirts while I train. I am super slow and getting passed is a common for me!!! Now where are my old jeans...