Sunday, December 5, 2010

Red, no peddals, no seat

I love my new bike, not that I have ridden it yet, but I love it, and maybe not even in a normal healthy way.  It's been invading my dreams.  There are a ton of things that I like about it, however my girls can't stop talking about three things.

Red, no pedals, and no seat.  It just cracks them up and they don't understand why Baba (what they call me) has a bike like that.  My father in law also can't stop talking about how much I spent on a bike without pedals.  Whatever I tell him about the logic of no pedals, he just doesn't get it.  My daughters just think I'm superman an can ride a bike without pedals but he thinks I'm an idiot to spend so much and not be able to ride the bike.

Both problems will be corrected as soon as I do the fitting.  I wonder what will require super powers next? Also, what I can do so he isn't as worried for his daughter's future?

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