Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Somthings make you faster than others

It has been a tough couple of weeks with some health concerns for my wife and girls.  Things ended up being fine and everyone is very healthy.  Trying not to write a sappy post so I'll move on.

It's amazing how much energy is drained by worry and also how much energy is added from being thankful.

I just bought a new bike (new to me).  It is a 2010 Felt B2 and came with stock and carbon race wheels.  This bike makes me want to be fast because it deserves to go fast.

Bike fitting in a few weeks and then I start training on this monster.  Having my family supportive of this crazy hobby and race schedule not only gives me focus but is helping me get out and do the work in the cold so that this summer when I'm racing, I will be able to show I valued the time and money spent on this sport.


  1. Sweet bike. I actually just picked up an older (2006) B2. It's aluminum, the year just before they went to full carbon. It came with a set of older Zipp 404s that I'll probably sell off down the line when Flo Cycling gets their wheels out.

  2. I'm really happy with the bike. Haven't had the chance to race on it yet but can't wait. I'm getting used to the the more aggressive position and feeling great. The B2 whether carbon or alu-minium (I like the British way of saying it) are great bikes and deserve speed. Looking forward to seeing you bike in person at Vineman.

  3. You're gonna be at Vineman? Sweet man. I'd love meet up and talk shop in person.

    My stepmom and sister are British and my dad tries to be British since he moved to England with them. Some things British say with their accents make me laugh, but I'm sure it works the other way around as well.

  4. Vineman will be my first full or should I say 140.6. Really excited about the race and feeling pretty good about my training. Too early to make predictions outloud but can't wait to start.

    Funny about the British ties. I love accents and British humor is amazing. I'm connected to the Commonwealth through my mom so I do have ties trough the Queen of Canada.