Monday, November 15, 2010

Modified brick workout

I ate less than my little girls yesterday for lunch because I had big plans for their nap time.  I've been wanting to get a brick workout with at least 1 hour on the bike and about 45 of running.  I'd been planning the workout since Friday.

Here was the plan, ride the trainer so that I could be "available" if the girls happen to need me during their nap.  I placed the baby monitor in a place where I could see it and then I started to ride, knowing that they would sleep well past the time their mom was to be home so I could go run.

After about 20 minutes on the bike I was soaked and really feeling good, and then I saw the first sign of trouble.  The lights started to slowly pulse on the baby monitor.  I quit pedaling and heard the shrieks.  She was awake -- way too early and in desparate need for attention.

I ran a very quick transition (similar to T2) out of my bike shoes and upstairs to try to work my magic and get her to sleep.  I wasn't successful.  We ended up coming downstairs and sat on the floor and cuddled and read.  I couldn't sit on a chair because my wife would kill me if I sat on furniture with sweat drenched clothes.

It was fantastic to spend time with the little one and it was a highlight of my day.  My wife came home, I got back on the bike and rode to 45 minutes of trainer time, then I ran a 4.75 mile loop in 33 minutes.

I came home and both girls were up and ready to snuggle and read more.  Life didn't go as planned, I guess extra transitions, made quickly and with an open attitude, really is what training for an ironman and being a committed parent is all about.

FYI - I'm now registered for the Full Vineman on July 30 and Boise 70.3 on June 12.

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