Monday, January 7, 2013

My Pain Cave now is a Pain Corner

My family hasn't ventured into the basement much.  We did set up some of the kids stuff but the main thing down there is a bunch of boxes, scattered tools, washer and dryer and what I considered my domain, my Pain Cave. 

Yes, the plan was to use the space for more than me, but yesterday the space was transformed from "me" to "ours". 

Girls now have carpet, play house, basketball hoop and a bunch of stuff they can throw around.

My wife has an area for crafts and sewing.  I also have her bike on the trainer for the winter.

So I have a coner, I guess that is more than most men have.  And I really don't mind.  Last night I finshed up an hour on the trainer and was heading upstairs and it was good to see my familiy's stuff.  To realize that I have my life and they have theirs and somehow we are making it all work togheter.

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