Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm Effortlessly Gross

Those of you that have followed the blog for some time will know that one of my conundrums in life and have posted on is snot rockets and when I should teach my girls this amazing skill.  I still haven't taught them, mostly because I like being married, and I haven't spent much time thinking about it. 

One of my super powers is that I can do some really annoying or disgusting things subconsciously. I click pens, pop my gum, crack my wrists (not knuckles but wrists) and a whole host of things that my other people have told me that I do but I don't realize that I'm doing it.

Today I was running on my local trail that goes in front of a restaurant.  This restaurant is located precisely so people can spend money on food and drinks and have a nice view of the Columbia river.  The multipurpose trail is the only thing between the civilized patrons and the river.

I tend to stare toward the restaurant was I run by because I like food and there are some windows in which I can see my reflection and I like to see what I look like when I run.

Today as I ran by looking hungry and trying to see if I look manly in my running tights, I caught my reflection as I launched a snot rocket.  I disgusted myself and I can only imagine how the people in the restaurant felt.

I effortlessly was gross.  Now I'm a bit paranoid because I wonder what other things I've learned to do from triathlon that is really gross.


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