Friday, January 11, 2013

Didn't Miss Training Today

I was supposed to train today but I didn't.  It would have required me to get out of bed and run in the cold and ride a bit on the trainer but instead I stayed in bed and waited to hear my little girl's dolly and wish her "Happy Gotcha Day".

Three years ago we were in China and our family became complete.

It still amazes me how naturally our family of three became four.  A little over a year before we had been in China adopting our first daughter and now we were back, with new fears but also really excited.  Three years is a long time but our fears fadded quickly as we met this amazing girl with a very happy and healthy heart.

So today, I didn't run or ride, I didn't go to work and I avoided daily business.   We spent the day as a family and it was great.  Donuts during breakfast and then a mad scramble to get all our winter stuff out and then we went to the mountains and played in the snow.

The girls snowshoed for the first time, we taboganed and we laughed alot.  It was a magical day of feeling very very lucky.

A nice family supper and a few more stories and snuggles and a deep contentment and joy that is hard to capture in words.

So no, I didn't train today but I didn't miss it.

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