Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Riding to Nowhere

I'm finally back into bike training.  The move is done, basement is pretty much set-up and I now own what many call a "pain cave".  I'm not sure exactly whether I should call it a pain cave because if I was really looking for pain, I would be riding outside all winter, avoiding cars, but instead, I'm in the comfort of my home, riding my bike and watching movies. 

Sure, it hurts on the bike, intervals aren't easy but for me, I've created a road to nowhere rather than a pain cave.  I noticed recently that I've put about 1000 miles (okay 989 but who's gonna know) and I haven't moved an inch.  If I had decided to actually ride down the road, I could have made it to the following places.
  • Glacier National Park (620 Miles)
  • Hollywood, CA (974 Miles)
  • Moab, UT (997 Miles)
  • Calgary, AL (779 Miles but I guess I would need to ride kilometers rather than miles...)
  • Almost halway to Hawaii
So this winter as I ride to nowhere, I'm going to maybe pull myself away from spinervals and whatever nonsense I'm watching on Netflix long enough to pretend that I'm actually riding a bike and and arriving someplace cool rather than just exercising.

After reading this post again, I think I need more oxygen in my pain cave...I'm starting to get weird.

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