Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Avoiding becoming a premadona

There isn't much snow in Idaho right now. I've talked to a several people who won't go skiing even where there is man made and nicely groomed ski runs. I understand how frustrating it is to have a bad ski day. I know it costs a lot and why waste money. But I also know a bad day skiing is better than none. I grew up in Nebraska and we skied at a place called Nebraski. It was a short icy hill beside the Platte River and it wasn't like the Rockies or Nagano (Place in Japan wher I learned to ski when I was 4). I would ski in nebraska every chance ingot because I loved to ski. So I just don't get not going unless things are perfect. There are a lot of great things missed simply because I forget that good and great are missed chasing perfect. Short runs, swims, bikes are great but skipped because they are too lame. Amazing memories are missed because we don't play games or read during those 15 minutes between dishes and bed time. What am I missing waiting for the right time? I choose to take less than perfect opportunities.

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