Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Put Me In Coach

My youngest is taking basketball lessons. She has liked basketball ever since she could stand and stare. She learned to dribble on her own. I am writing not only to brag but also because I learned a bit about myself tonight in class. I am not a good basketball player. Partially because of my physical size but I make up for being small by also not having fundamental skills. I watched her learn to stop, plant her feet and assume the "triple threat" pose. I didn't even have a one threat pose which explains why I sat on the bench and was ignored by the coach. I also don't think I'm as coach able as I pretend to be. I kind of figure things out on my own which may explain my bench like performance. One of my goals for this year of the dragon is to be more like my 3 year old and focus on basics and listening to coaches.

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