Monday, November 28, 2011

Swim Day without laps

Yesterday was cold, rainy and my girls wanted to ride their bikes.  The basement still isn't set cleared for their indoor track so I started to go through options.

  1. Ride the carousel - Fun but won't get rid of enough energy
  2. Ice Skate - my wife gave me that "are you kidding" stare and then said something about ankles and damaged for life.
  3. No outdoor options
So we decided to go to a local pool - not a lap pool but one with water-slides, buckets that drop water, basket ball and a bunch of crazy kids and even crazier parents who wear jean shorts and white shirts...(you don't want to see the picture). 

For a person that swims a lot, I'm not really that fond of pools.  I don't like to get splashed and because I was a lifeguard for so many years, it kind of feels like work to me.  I spend most of my time trying to keep other kids from slamming into my kids and yelling (yes, I wish I had a my own whistle) at my girls to walk.

We arrived at the pool about 15 minutes into the last swim session of the day and the place was deserted.  We had a choice of family changing rooms, lots of locker options and no standing and waiting for the water slides. 

We had a blast and I could focus on fun rather than the typical mayhem. 

A highlight for me was being able to start teaching the girls how to swim and for them to be relaxed enough to listen and then practice. 

We splashed, played turtle, and relaxed. 

Great family adventure.  Much better than the mall!

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