Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dreaming of a new pain cave

Life has been chaotic with a bunch of travel for work and an eminent move.  We are downsizing our house and it has taken longer to close the sale of our current home than to have it on the market.  Today we sign the papers and then we can sign the papers for our new smaller home. 

Smaller typically doesn't bode well for having space to set up my trainers. Even in our big home I constantly moved the trainer from Office to our bedroom to its final spot in the guest room.  In the new house, I will finally have my pain cave.

It has an unfinished basement!  I am so excited to set the trainer out and store the bikes downstairs.  Maybe buy a work stand for the bike and...

I think they should have a special on HGTV for triathletes just so we can show off our pain caves. 

Winter is coming and Jorges Winter Bike Program is also coming.  Sounds strange but I'm really excited!

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