Sunday, October 2, 2011

Almost Perfect Pool

Swimming has been out of touch all week for me, close but out of touch.  I was in Nashville all week for meetings that started at 7:30 each morning (5:30 Pacific Center of the world time).  I hadn't made it back to my room until past 10:00 PM (still feels early) but too late to swim in the hotel pool.

The hotel (Gaylord Opryland) has a beautiful pool.  I did my research and it looked perfect, even a lifeguard to be there and admire my swimming.

Everyday I planned on swimming and never got the chance.  I looked at the pictures of the pool knowing there were 25 meters of swimming perfection waiting for me.

So on Saturday late afternoon when everyone headed to dinner, I decided to head to the fitness center for a run and swim.  I was so excited.  I ran for 30 minutes on a treadmill that had a great view of the pool.  There were open lanes and I couldn't wait to swim.  Finally, I was done running and I headed down, picked up a huge towel, figured out the electronic locks and then did my best to confidently walk out into a pool area full of board shorts (more like baggy capris) in my box cut swim suit. 

I had a center lane to myself, put on my cap and goggles and got in ready to swim for an hour.  And then the "almost" part of the almost perfect hit me.  Not to digress too much, but I have noticed that for a person from the Northwest, there are quite a few "almost" surprises that come when visiting the South.  Vegetables are almost good for you except the ham and butter.  It is beautiful outside to exercise but the "almost" part is this thing called humidty.

So as I eased into the pool I was expecting refreshing and instead got hot.  Hot salt water that didn't even feel refreshing on the first lap.  The water was hot, not hot tub hot but way too hot for swimming too long.  I swam 1K and couldn't handle the heat and so I walked away from a perfect pool disappointed.

So, I'm almost home.  My pool at 24 hour fitness isn't as clear or pretty, but at least I know I can swim without fear of passing out from heat exhaustion.

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